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Gravel Road Stabilization

Continuous application of gravel road stabilization product will provide the following benefits:

 The gravel road surface will be stabilized providing a longer-lasting and smoother surface for      motorists.

  1. Reduction in the road commission’s scraping requirements as the roads will hold together better.
  2. The “fines” in the gravel will stay in the roadbed longer, reducing the need for gravel replacement.
  3. While this is not a dust control program, dusty road conditions will be reduced, but not eliminated


 The Road Commission will provide each township a single continuous full-length application of mineral well brine sprayed at a rate of 2,200 gallons per mile, on all county gravel roads once per season.  The applications generally occur from May through July as weather conditions allow and in conjunction with scraping of the gravel roads. 

 Townships which desire additional applications to help minimize dusty road conditions, have three (3) options:

 Mineral well brine sprayed by the Road Commission

  1. Mineral well brine provided and sprayed by a contractor.
  2. Chloride provided and sprayed by a contractor.

 All roads will be scraped by the Road Commission prior to the dust control application and all scheduling will be handled by the Road Commission.

 For all dust control applications, a township agreement will be entered into between the township and the Road Commission which details the roads or miles to be sprayed and the estimated cost.  The actual cost of the application will be billed to and paid by the township.